An experimented team devoted to the success of your realizations

Oxilio: An experienced team dedicated to the success of your projects

Oxilio in a few words:

  • More than 15 years in business
  • Canadian company
  • Dedicated and certified team
  • More than 400 customer systems in production
  • Cloud computing and software solutions

As a leader in its complete offer for customer experience management and audio and video interactions, Oxilio is able to respond effectively to your needs and target the specificities of your sector. We work in concert with several recognized technologies to satisfy your requests and meet your business needs.

Founded in 2004 and growing steadily, Oxilio now operates from its offices in Montreal and Toronto. Our teams maintain more than 400 client systems in production.

A complete range of solutions

At Oxilio, we are committed to helping you find the best tools for your contact center projects and audio and video interaction management. To do so, we offer you a complete range of solutions and products, installed and maintained by our team of experts for effective results in the short and long term.

We provide high level solutions and services tailored to our customers. We evaluate solutions in different markets to determine the best options to offer you, always in accordance with your reality, your technologies and your budget.

A team of experts involved from A to Z

Technological environment, business realities, technical constraints, etc.: each situation is unique. This is why our experts draw a precise portrait of your needs before launching operations, in order to identify the subtleties of your company and propose an optimal solution.

Our experienced and certified team is committed to the realization of your project and the achievement of your objectives. They are available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that is your wish.

To ensure your satisfaction, Oxilio relies on 4 key points:

  • A consultation conducted by an expert to target your needs
  • Training of your employees to allow an optimal use of the solutions
  • Products installed and configured with care by our experts
  • Efficient technical support that ensures product evolution