CallCabinet enhances certified for Microsoft Teams compliant video conference recording


New enhancements provide multiple video streams, screens and application sharing.

CallCabinet, a leading global provider of Microsoft Azure-native call recording, AI analytics and quality control solutions, is pleased to announce that Atmos, a solution certified for Microsoft Teams, has enhanced the user experience with multiple video streams and screen-application sharing. Expanding on the value that Atmos brings to Teams, now the user experience provides multiple video feeds simultaneously during Teams video conferences, along with screen sharing, all from a single user interface. Now, users designated as recording targets and meeting hosts can record up to nine of the most active video streams simultaneously (a Teams limit) and screen-sharing sessions presented during the same meeting.

CallCabinet has utilised Teams technology to incorporate video conference recording functionality into Atmos while redesigning its user interface to accommodate the enhancements. “Now, during playback, users can listen to the meeting, play back all of the video streams simultaneously as well as the screen-sharing sessions, to have a 360-degree view of the entire video conference,” stated Ron Romanchik, CallCabinet’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Atmos provides the flexibility for the meeting host to see the most active video feeds during the call while dynamically changing streams as other participants become more active. This enhances Microsoft Teams video recording, where video streams become most useful. Think of an online learning session, where teachers and students are in a video session. Atmos captures the session for the most active, along with the on-screen presentation, making the recording useful in online learning playback. The applications for this technology are limitless from large-scale investor conferences to government council meetings.”

Pete Daderko, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Teams Phone at Microsoft, said: “We’re pleased to see CallCabinet’s Atmos compliance video recording solution benefit from being built and run on Microsoft Azure. Collaboration over Microsoft Teams Phone and virtual meetings has experienced increased adoption in the past 18 months, and with it, the need for global compliance. CallCabinet, combined with Teams, helps ensure global compliance for customers and complements the use of Teams across their enterprise.”

While Atmos can record and play back video conference sessions, the new user interface design displays a chronological feed of each video and screen sharing session and enables users to easily select and review specific recorded streams or the entire meeting based on analysis needs. According to Romanchik, “selecting specific recorded streams does not affect the recording but is a convenient feature that provides a customised playback experience. CallCabinet’s enhanced Teams video recording capabilities were made available in Atmos’ most recent update.” Romanchik continued: “The response from our subscribers has been enthusiastic, with an overwhelming rate of adoption for the enhanced Teams video recording features.”

Before becoming a certified Microsoft solution for compliance recording, CallCabinet’s long-standing relationship included being an IP Co-sell Incentivised Managed Partner. Featured in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource Marketplace, Atmos has been considered a natural compliance recording and voice analytics solution due to the direct integration into the Teams environment, providing a rapidly deployed, highly resilient, multi-branch and multi-tenant solution that ensures compliance from any location or device.
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