CallCabinet’s Atmos Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams


The solution has met or exceeded all Microsoft compliance certification requirements

CallCabinet’s solution, sold by Oxilio across Canada, is certified by Microsoft as a compliant recording solution. Atmos has met or exceeded all compliance certification requirements for voice, video, screen capture, analytics, security, storage and scalability.

Seamless Integration

The platform integrates seamlessly into any Microsoft Teams-based call center to provide the same level of service regardless of how the interaction takes place. Atmos records audio and video of the meeting as well as the agent’s screen to give you a complete view of customer interactions.

Data Sovereignty

CallCabinet’s compliant recording solution allows you to physically capture and store your interactions in the region where the recording took place. With our cloud storage located in a large number of global data centers, your business will meet data sovereignty requirements regardless of location.

Control of your data

Atmos’ flexibility also allows any organization to deploy our compliance recording and AI analytics platform directly into their Azure private cloud.

Legacy Data Migration

Are you already recording interactions within your organization?  We can work with you to move existing data from its current location to the Atmos platform. This data can then be analyzed for commercially actionable insights.

Data ownership

Atmos encrypts and stores your customer interaction records in standard, non-proprietary file formats.

Oxilio is proud to offer Atmos as a Microsoft Teams certified solution. Regardless of the size of your company, this cloud-based platform allows you to record interactions and ensure compliance. The solution offers several features such as analytics and quality assurance. It is hosted in Canada in several Microsoft Azure data sites, but can also be hosted in your Microsoft Azure private cloud.

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