Dubber announces the integration of its solution with the Zoom platform.


Our business partner, Dubber, now records Zoom sessions and interactions. This meets the growing regulatory requirements for telecommuting and dispersed workforces. With Zoom, Dubber enables unified communications and delivers artificial intelligence over voice for businesses of all sizes. By choosing Dubber and Oxilio, organizations can now meet their industry’s compliance regulations.

“Unified call recording with Zoom reflects the way employees work today – from anywhere and across multiple devices and solutions. Dubber has been chosen by more than 150 telecom operators and service providers as the recording and data capture platform for their networks. Many have adopted Zoom as an integral part of their business and communications infrastructure. The ability to capture recordings from Zoom and manage them centrally in the Voice Intelligence Cloud demonstrates the true value of unified call recording,” said Steve McGovern, CEO of Dubber.

Jean-Francois Pharand, CEO of Oxilio Inc. said, “This integration proves Dubber’s drive to include new technologies in its compliance platform. Oxilio Inc. is proud to represent Dubber’s technologies across Canada. ”

Through its cloud-based platform, Dubber allows companies to record all employee calls regardless of the device used. The solution is highly secure and the data is hosted in Canada.

By choosing the Dubber solution offered by Oxilio, you will ensure that you meet the compliance standards of your industry. You will also be working with a local team of highly specialized experts who are committed to the success of your technology project.


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