Interrogation room recording solution


Oxilio is proud to announce its new partnership with Word Systems Inc, a company founded in 1977 and based in Indianapolis, USA. Word Systems develops interrogation room recording solutions for public safety needs and is the manufacturer of the iRecord product.  “We wanted to expand our range of products and services in the public safety and security field to better meet the needs of our customers in this area. With its reliable and innovative products, Word Systems appeared to us as a partner of choice,” said Jean-François Pharand, President of Oxilio.

An innovative and secure solution

iRecord Universe is a high-definition digital audio and video recording solution developed for police interrogation rooms that makes it easy to store, retrieve and share information between work teams and keep evidence secure. iRecord is a “one-touch” solution that creates recordings that can be played on any PC and DVD player. It offers advanced network connectivity that allows users to add notes, metadata and back up to a USB flash drive. The solution also allows chain-of-evidence audit trail tracking and the ability to import external files. Cost-effective, online storage solutions are also available.

Word Systems has also developed an on-demand mobile recording solution, iRecord Anywhere, which uses the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and integrates with the Universe solution to allow users to export files to the digital evidence safe via a wireless network. With simple touch-screen controls, users can add notes, searchable data and easily save recordings for playback on any PC.

iRecord serves and protects those who serve and protect

About Oxilio

For more than 15 years, Oxilio has been offering interaction capture and management solutions to clients across Canada. Oxilio is composed of experienced consultants, analysts and technicians who are able to effectively analyze customer needs and offer them a variety of high-performance, scalable solutions adapted to their budget. With more than 400 active client systems, Oxilio has developed a distinctive and appreciated approach that focuses on client needs and not on the technology in place.  Thanks to ratified agreements with more than a dozen partners, Oxilio offers a diversified technological portfolio, characterized by its flexibility and openness to evolution.

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