Microsoft Teams compliance recording: the big challenge of the coming year


Do your users use Microsoft Teams and you need to meet compliance standards for recording your interactions? Cloud-based solutions now allow you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Increase in telecommuting and rapid adoption of MS Teams in the context of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily lives of many employees around the world. At the end of March 2020, 39.1% of Canadian workers were in telecommuting mode (Deng et al. 2020).

This practice has ensured the survival of many companies that have been able to maintain certain services to their customers.

As a result, organizations needed a unified communications platform that would allow employees and customers to interact with each other through telephony, instant messaging, teleconferencing, etc. A large number of organizations have chosen MS Teams to handle their telecommuting needs in the year 2020. The rapid adoption of MS Teams in highly regulated industries such as financial institutions and insurance companies has left compliance gaps. Often, employees of these companies find themselves communicating with each other or their customers without their interactions being recorded.

Communication via MS Teams and Compliance Breaches

In the financial industry, many laws require capturing interactions and storing them. By not recording MS Teams user communications, many companies are facing compliance issues. They must therefore quickly acquire a recording platform capable of capturing the interactions of users who communicate via Microsoft Teams.

Recording MS Teams user communications

Secure cloud-based solutions exist that meet the compliance challenges of the financial sector. These platforms record MS Teams user communications and store them in the cloud.

Highly secure cloud solutions that meet global compliance requirements

Oxilio’s solutions integrate with MS Teams and record communications at all times, regardless of the device used. Our platforms are highly resilient and redundant. Recorded data is encrypted and hosted in Canada (AWS / Microsoft Azure). Our solutions are secure and allow companies in the financial sector to meet global compliance requirements.

One interface, multiple locations

Our solutions centralize records from different locations and allow you to view everything from a single interface. Information is accessible at any time, regardless of location.
Solutions that grow with your business

Oxilio offers flexible pricing. Through a flexible subscription model, you can choose the desired features and modify them according to your business needs. These solutions can be put into production in just a few hours.

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