New version of NICE Inform (r9.1)


Our partner Nice Systems recently announced the general availability of Nice Inform 9.1. This version introduces a series of new features that are in addition to the current Nice Inform 9 platform and allows CAD integrations. It proposes an improvement of the quality management module as well as new integrations using the NICE Inform Intelligence Center.

Several other functionalities enhance the solution, such as improved CAD and SMS screen capture and the possibility to limit access to sensitive records. In addition, Nice Inform 9.1 now supports MS Windows 2019 and MS SQL 2017. The solution is already compliant with PG911 (NG911) requirements and developments are ongoing.

Already a market leader, NICE continues to innovate with the NICE Inform 9.1 solution. Would you like to know more? We invite you to contact our consultants or analysts, who will be happy to answer your questions.

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