Nice CXone: a unified platform to optimise your contact centre

  • Are you wasting a lot of time collecting agent interaction data from separate dashboards?
  • Do you no longer want to have to manually aggregate this data to create analyzable information?
  • Do you want to improve the customer experience?
  • Do you want to optimize your contact center?

With its unified and intelligent platform, NICE CXone can help you.

Unified dashboard

With the Nice CXone cloud contact centre, all interaction data is available in the same dashboard, including CSAT (customer satisfaction), handle time, agent rating and sentiment. This intelligent and unified platform gives you access to relevant information from every customer interaction.

Intelligent platform

With the Nice CXone cloud contact centre, you can target agent interactions based on specific filters. Nice CXone’s customer experience analysis methods combine traditional indicators such as CSAT with indicators from intelligent system analysis such as agent and customer sentiments and behaviours from voice and text interactions. The supervisor or evaluator can therefore quickly target problem calls based on the selected criteria. As a result, there are fewer blind call selections. With the Nice CXone platform, it is easier to find the interactions of interest and analyze contact centre trends.

Optimising the work of supervisors and assessors

The Nice CXone cloud contact centre allows supervisors and evaluators to analyze relevant interactions and easily identify trends independently. No more need for external help to access targeted calls based on specific filters. Thus, the supervisor or evaluator can search for interactions with both a high waiting time, a low CSAT and a specific sentiment.

Improved agent performance

The Nice CXone cloud contact centre gives evaluators the ability to automate evaluations with the desired filters and build personalized coaching plans directly in the platform. It becomes easy to target the improvements needed for a particular agent and offer him or her tailored support. The evaluator can easily send the agent the call recording, coaching documents and analysis activities related to that call. He can see whether the agent has done what was asked of him and when it was done. Subsequently, it is easy to evaluate the impact of this personalised coaching on the agents’ performance and on customer satisfaction.

Improving the Customer Experience

With its intelligent, unified platform, the CXone cloud contact centre helps improve the customer experience by enabling businesses to:

  • Determine optimal interactions;
  • Easily coach agents;
  • Engage customers effectively;
  • Improve CSAT (customer satisfaction) across all channels.

Do you want to improve the customer experience? Do you want to make the work of your agents, supervisors and assessors easier? Our specialists are here to help you. Contact us at the following address or via the attached web form.


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