Oxilio is pleased to announce that UContact is now available on Google Cloud Canada facilities. UContact is an omni-channel solution, offered by Oxilio, that allows a call center to monitor and manage their entire operations. “It is important for customers that their contact center data be hosted in Canada.  By being available on Google Cloud Canada, UContact’s solution meets this need and thus ensures that clients’ data confidentiality and the protection of their information are respected,” said Jean-François Pharand, President of Oxilio.

Ucontact is a cloud-based contact center platform that captures different types of interactions and allows omnichannel management of customer communications. It has functional capabilities similar to those of on-premise contact center infrastructures, but allows access to the solution anywhere, anytime.

UContact, our hosted solution for small and medium-sized business contact centers, is easy to use and affordable. It allows companies to purchase only the technology service they need, which lowers costs and reduces the need for in-house IT support. The infrastructure required is minimal and consumption is paid for through a monthly subscription. UContact includes several functionalities useful to SMBs such as an omni-channel dashboard, quality management, workforce management, analytics, gaming and monitoring.

About Oxilio

For more than 15 years, Oxilio has been providing interaction capture and management solutions to clients across Canada. Oxilio is composed of experienced consultants, analysts and technicians who are able to effectively analyze customer needs and offer them a variety of high-performance, scalable solutions adapted to their budget. With more than 400 active client systems, Oxilio has developed a distinctive and appreciated approach that focuses on client needs and not on the technology in place.  Thanks to ratified agreements with more than a dozen partners, Oxilio offers a diversified technological portfolio, characterized by its flexibility and openness to evolution.

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