Innovative solution for recording multimedia interactions, monitoring and performance optimization

Crystal is a multimedia recording, monitoring and performance optimization solution that can be deployed in digital, analog and VoIP/SIP environments. This feature-rich software solution manages all types of recording within a contact center. Thanks to its flexibility, this modular application also adapts to the more specific needs of contact centers in the utilities and financial institutions sectors.

Accessible via a single web interface, this software solution captures different types of interactions (voice calls, cell phones, screenshots and more) and optimizes the performance of a contact center using a simple, easy-to-use and modern-looking interface. Our solution supports a wide range of telephony interfaces such as analog, digital, VoIP/SIP links as well as independent and trunked radios. It integrates easily and completely with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys, Speakerbus, Huawei etc. products.


Call recording
This recording module allows real-time monitoring and capture of different types of interactions. Crystal supports the vast majority of telephone and radio equipment available on the market. The solution is adapted to the needs of contact centers from small to multisite deployments.

Screen recording
This solution is easy to use and uses little space on the agent’s PC. It benefits from CIS’s proprietary video compression algorithm and minimizes your network load without compromising recording quality.
The screen recording module allows capturing activities at the agent’s computer for training or compliance purposes. The solution allows:

  • Simultaneous listening of conversations and screen captures
  • Compression of video files to minimize the impact on your infrastructure
  • Supports HD resolution (1920x1080P)
  • Allows permanent recording, event triggered or on request
  • Real-time listening available
  • Meets PCI-DSS requirements

Agent Module
This module runs on the agent’s PC and allows him to stop, restart or annotate a recording. The agent can also take notes or label a call with keywords. All this data is gathered in a central database. Call searches by keywords can then be done on demand.

Quality Management
The Quality Management Suite helps organizations identify customer service gaps and improve the customer experience by capturing, evaluating, and analyzing customer interactions. This module includes assessment, scoring, monitoring, screen capture, and reporting.


  • Affordable and high-performance solution
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Scalable, modular, feature-rich and easy-to-use application
  • Centralized registration management in one place even if the company has several registration servers in different locations.
  • Dynamic licensing model: Possibility to use dynamic licenses for the registration of IP workstations to reduce the acquisition cost.
  • Solution that works with all browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • Solution offering a plug-and-play interface in several languages

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