iRecord Universe – An innovative and secure solution
iRecord Universe is a high-definition digital audio and video recording solution developed for police interrogation rooms that makes it easy to store, retrieve and share information between work teams and keep evidence secure. iRecord is a “one-touch” solution that creates recordings that can be played on any PC and DVD player. It offers advanced network connectivity that allows users to add notes, metadata and back up to a USB flash drive. The solution also allows chain-of-evidence audit trail tracking and the ability to import external files. Cost-effective online storage solutions are also available.

iRecord Anywhere – Mobile Version
iRecord Anywhere, a mobile on-demand recording solution, uses the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and integrates with the Universe solution to allow users to export files to the digital evidence vault via a wireless network. With simple touch-screen controls, users can add notes, searchable data and easily save recordings for playback on any PC.

iRecord Features

  • HD resolution IP cameras – real-time RTSP monitoring
  • Axis® IP Cameras
  • Video Capture Technology
  • SQL Database
  • META Data
  • Searchable notes
  • One-touch recording
  • Video editing software
  • Non-proprietary video CODECS
  • Remote start/stop via switch
  • Save to USB key
  • Windows Media Files / Consumer DVD / MP4
  • Video Date/Time Overlay Watermark
  • Chain of Evidence – Audit Trail Report
  • Import of external video files (onboard video, body camera, surveillance and third party video)
  • Microsoft CJIS Azure Goverment® Cloud Storage
  • Interdepartmental security with Active Directory integration


  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming training with iRecord – one-touch recording. If you can flip a switch, you can record an interview with iRecord.
  • The iRecord Evidence Vault is one of the first ever interview management tracking applications for the law enforcement community. This software is ideal for tracking interview recordings from the time they are captured, through the retention period to their destruction.
  • iRecord provides an audit trail of the logbook and tamper resistance, making it possible to know who has seen or accessed the video.
  • iRecord facilitates content management by allowing notes and bookmarks to be created in the system.
  • Metadata makes it easy to retrieve individual interviews, which can be viewed from any networked computer.
  • iRecord Anywhere enables high quality mobile interviews to be conducted anytime, anywhere. Interrogate a victim in the field and capture video and audio content essential for professional analysis.

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