A global leader in cloud contact center platforms

Nice CXone is a cloud-based contact center solution that allows your employees to work from anywhere. The world-renowned CXone omnichannel platform captures different types of interactions and allows your agents to reach customers regardless of the channel used. Fully scalable and built on an open cloud foundation, CXone is easily deployed regardless of the size of your organization.


Management of omnichannel customer interactions

The industry leader in cloud contact centers, CXone is an interaction management platform that allows your agents to interact with customers on any channel (chat, email, voice, SMS, social media etc.). With CXone, it is possible to switch from one communication channel to another without losing the thread of the conversation with the customer.

CRM Integration

CXone is easy to use and integrates easily with leading CRM solutions. With the information available on their screen, your agents can easily personalize the customer experience.

Workforce optimisation

CXone Workforce Optimization allows you to efficiently forecast workloads and staff schedules. The solution is simple and flexible. It allows you to easily adapt to the unexpected and change your agents’ schedules in the blink of an eye.


CXone analyzes every interaction to better understand your contact center trends and agent performance. With Cxone, you can make quick decisions based on accurate data to improve the customer experience.

Quality Management

CXone is a unified application suite that allows you to record agent voice and screen interactions. You can target the right interactions with precise filters to identify performance gaps and provide personalized coaching to your employees.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

In all industries, organizations rely on routine and repetitive processes to achieve their business goals. With CXone, you can free your employees from manually performing these repetitive processes by using software robots or voice recognition. This automation can reduce processing time and cost, improve service levels, and lead to increased customer and employee satisfaction while providing a rapid return on investment.



Accessible from anywhere

No matter where your agents are located, they can work from anywhere. All your employees need is a computer, a browser and internet access to connect to the solution and deliver their work.


You can increase or decrease the number of active agents according to seasonal or commercial fluctuations and optimize your company’s profitability with a pay-per-use model.

Rapid Deployment

With CXone’s interaction management, you gain flexibility by quickly deploying agents anytime, anywhere. You can also implement routing and interactive voice response changes within hours.

Hosting in Canada

Your CXone platform is hosted in a secure Canadian environment with a fault-tolerant system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Your data is protected by powerful encryption capabilities. Systems are continuously monitored for security anomalies.


All applications are integrated into the CXone platform. You have access to everything you need from the same portal.

Automatic updates

You no longer need to schedule updates and downtime, because the solution is updated automatically by the developers.

Easy to use

The configuration is easy to set up, to modify, to update.


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