NICE Engage

A complete recording of omnichannel interactions!
Every minute, thousands of interactions from multiple channels take place between your customers and your organization. These interactions contain a wealth of information about your customers and your services. Nice Engage allows you to record, store and retrieve this data from any channel including voice, chat, email, video and social media.
Nice Engage is a scalable, secure and robust platform that allows you to manage this interaction data in one place. This platform enables contact centers to comply with the most stringent regulations, including PCI-DSS, and to leverage every customer interaction for maximum return on investment.
With Nice Engage you can record interactions: for compliance, quality management, better customer understanding, and rapid authentication.


  • Recording
  • Screenshots
  • Quality Management


  • Platform that can be installed as a cloud computing platform
  • High reliability
  • Scalable
  • Compliant with PCI-DSS and HIPPA standards
  • Future-ready: supporting virtually any communication and storage environment, Nice Engage is robust and resilient
  • Compliance: Helps you meet the requirements of regulators and standards organizations, ensure the safety of your customers and your organization, and minimize organizational risk by applying best practices and compliance standards across all channels.
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to save all channels on the same server
  • Automation of breaks and resumptions of recordings
  • Supports virtually any telephony environment, including VoIP, SIP, traditional TDM and hybrid networks
  • Flexible management of contact archiving and retention
  • Up to 5000 channels per server
  • Single access point for all recordings from any channel
  • Fully integrated with all major contact center and unified communications vendors, including Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Aspect, Oracle, Microsoft, Genesys and many others.
  • Real time capabilities

Nice Engage provides a complete recording of omnichannel interactions. Contact our specialists to learn more!


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