NICE Inform

Nice Inform captures and analyzes all your communications! 

Nice Inform is a multimedia recording software suite that can be deployed in both traditional and IP environments. This modular application captures interactions between the public, 911 contact centers and first responders, and then synchronizes them to help improve investigations, compliance and employee performance. By coordinating all sources of information, Nice Inform helps reconstruct events. The NICE Inform suite meets the requirements of the PG-911 program (NG-911).

NICE Inform offers three (3) different software packages:

  • NICE Inform Essential is the solution for small and medium sized 911 call centers. It is a scalable platform that can be upgraded to the more complex features of Inform Professional.
  • NICE Inform Professional is designed for medium and large 911 call centers. The solution includes high-end features such as multimedia management, quality assurance, analytics and resiliency.
  • NICE Inform Elite is the solution for large 911 call centers. In addition to all the features included in the Nice Inform Professional solution, there is also CAD integration which allows all information from different sources to be linked to the calling card.

With Nice, you will have a reliable solution that will meet the current and future needs of your 911 center.

Join the more than three thousand “911 contact centers” around the world and use Nice Inform for multimedia recording, incident management and quality assurance.


Inform Multimedia Recorder
This module allows the audio recording as well as the recording of screens, text messages, radio, CAD data, GIS localization …

Multimedia reconstruction of incidents (Inform reconstruction)
Nice Inform synchronizes and contextualizes information from different sources, allowing you to recreate the event by specifying who did what, when and where.

Incident Evidence Archiving (Inform Organizer)
This module allows the creation of a centralized file with secure access for the persons concerned (e.g. investigators and prosecutors).

Intelligent Dashboard (Inform Dashboard)
The dashboard combines information from different sources (CAD, telephony, radio, Inform’s evaluation module), providing an almost real-time overview of the 911 center’s performance.

Evaluator module (Inform Evaluator)
The Inform Evaluator module measures the quality of the services provided, whether it is an isolated call or a complex event involving different sources of interaction (voice recording, text message, CAD and GIS screen capture).

Reporter module (Inform Reporter)
The Inform Reporter module measures and improves the performance of 911 centers through customized and predefined call evaluation reports.

Audio Analytics
This module allows you to search for key words or phrases among all calls received in order to find additional calls associated with a specific event. In addition, it monitors and categorizes calls on an ongoing basis to help detect errors and potential risks.

Real-time decision support (Inform Monitor)
Inform Monitor monitors several channels in near-real time and allows you to replay the last call on a selected channel (RCR). The Inform Verify module enables instant replay of the last recordings over a given time period.

The Nice Inform software suite is a:

  • Reliable and powerful, which has been designed to meet the essential needs of public safety contact center communication environments.
  • Capable of reliably recording and synchronizing 911 calls, including digital, analog and VoIP calls, conventional and P25 radio transmissions, 9-1-1 (T9-1-1) text-to-speech interactions, video, images, console screens, locations from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and integrated feeds from other sources such as CCTV video.
  • Scalable and adaptable to 911 contact centers with one or more sites and complex environments with different networks or receiving multimedia calls.
  • Composed of an intuitive all-in-one interface accessible via the web
  • Covering all forms of next generation 911 services (9-1-1PG / NG911) in a unified solution, including inbound and outbound text messages, direct IP delivery methods, web interface or TTY.
  • Scalable to all sizes of contact centers

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