NICE Trading Recording

Nice Trading Recording: the interaction recording solution for compliance

Nice Trading Recording enables companies in the financial sector to meet the highest compliance requirements by actively recording and monitoring all interaction data.


  • Unified Platform: Compliance-driven solution that meets the registration needs of financial sector companies. Nice Trading Recording’s platform enables the capture of interactions via voice, text, screen and cellular.
  • Compliant: Nice Trading Recording meets the compliance needs of financial services companies by complying with the most stringent global regulations.
  • Secure: Solution that offers the highest level of secure storage using 256-bit Rjindael AES audio encryption coupled with MD5 fingerprinting.
  • Scalable: Nice Trading Recording’s flexible and scalable architecture allows IT managers to easily deploy the platform and scale it as recording needs evolve.
  • Reliable: Nice Trading Recording’s resilience solutions protect organizations from technical failures that could result in data loss.


  • Omnichannel: recording of all types of data. Combined recording of landlines and cell phones
  • Flexible search for calls based on a combination of criteria (e.g. duration, time, user etc.)
  • Optimal security: AES Rijndael 256-bit encryption, MD5 fingerprint, strict access profiles
  • Optional deletion of calls: possibility of automatic deletion following the expiration of retention periods. Retains call data even if audio information has been deleted.
  • Standard storage and archiving: Data archiving and retention functionality integrated into the NICE Trading Recording solution.
  • Full resilience options: several redundancy options are available including active-active, active-standby, load-balancing or N+ strategies.
  • Easy deployment: quick and easy implementation of a centralized or distributed environment;
  • Scalable: Allows for analog, digital, PRI, VoIP recording on the same system.
  • User management: Web access, synchronization with Active Directory and complex passwords
  • Integrations: secure integrations via the NICE Trading Recording API

Nice Trading Recording is the perfect all-channel solution for your compliance needs. Contact our experts now to learn more!


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