RedBox Recorders

Redbox offers an interaction recording solution developed to meet the compliance needs of companies in the financial sector as well as a quality management platform for contact centers.


This Module provides powerful transcription and metadata search, allowing organizations to analyze voice communications using customizable search criteria. The recording solution also offers search capabilities through the identification of keywords and phrases. Useful for supervisors, the module allows them to verify compliance with scripts and compliance requirements.

This module provides a fully integrated media player with a full suite of features, including audio effects as well as playback speed adaptation that makes it easier to listen to less intelligible conversations. Because security and data protection are paramount, our solution also offers replay security that allows you to restrict access to the full replay of calls. Thus, only a preview of these calls is available unless authorized.

Real-time listening
This application allows you to monitor and listen to calls as they occur. Very useful for managers and supervisors, this module provides real-time coaching and assistance to employees.

Event reconstruction
This module allows you to build a visual chronology of events and replay recordings sequentially or simultaneously. This application is useful for bringing together recordings from different sources in order to have the necessary evidence for call auditing, disclosure and compliance.

Quality Management
The quality management module allows you to evaluate the performance of employees and provide them with coaching and personalized training to improve customer service. The solution measures performance such as First Call Resolution (FCR) and then allows you to visualize the data obtained with targeted reports.

The transcription of speech into text makes it possible to transform everyday conversations into valuable and easily accessible information. The module provides the enterprise with a set of structured data from captured voice conversations to support compliance, facilitate investigations and event reconstruction, and meet training needs. As a result, managers can review more calls in less time.

RedBox offers an open API architecture giving full access to the solution, allowing integration with the applications of your choice. You can use our API to transfer captured audio, transcripts and call metadata to your selected tools or applications. You can also use it to centralize your data by integrating recordings from different platforms.


  • Resilient: The industry’s most resilient voice capture platform with 99.999% availability
  • Simple to deploy: The RedBox solution is simple to deploy
  • Open APIs: Free and open REST APIs provide secure access to all features, functions and captured and transcribed voice data for all applications.
  • Transcribed Voice: Accurate, multilingual transcriptions are available for both previously recorded and real-time conversations.
  • Easy Integration: The RedBox solution integrates with a large ecosystem of application partners for artificial intelligence, CRM, BRI, analytics and compliance.
  • Adaptable to all telephony platforms: Supports voice capture from all new and existing telephony platforms, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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