RingCentral UCaaS Solution

Integrated telephony, video conferencing and messaging

The RingCentral UCaaS solution is a unified communications service, located in the cloud, that provides advanced communications features and capabilities. The RingCentral UCaaS solution simplifies communications by combining phone calls, messaging and video conferencing into a unified application.

RingCentral’s UCaaS solution enables you to drive business transformation, optimize expenses, and foster productivity in the age of the home office. The solution is global in scope, reliable and secure. With RingCentral, you can also connect to your own application or use our pre-built integrations (Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace Add-on, etc.) to revolutionize your communications.

RingCentral UCaaS Solution is:

An Enterprise Phone System
RingCentral’s UCaaS solution provides all the features of a PBX including basic functions (inbound and outbound phone calls, audio conferencing, voice mail and fax). The phone system is easy to use. You can call, text, fax or chat from a single application. You can use the application on your cell phone, desktop phone or softphone. No matter where you are working from, you have access to the company’s phone system.

A video conferencing and screen sharing solution
No matter where you work, RingCentral’s UCaaS solution gives you smooth video conferencing that helps your teams communicate. You can connect hybrid teams to high-quality HD video and audio across multiple endpoints. The solution is secure, with the ability to encrypt each communication or protect it with a passcode.

Team messaging and collaboration
With RingCentral’s UCaaS solution, all of your employees can collaborate seamlessly in real time using instant messaging, screen sharing, and more. Collaborative work tools encourage brainstorming, exchange of information and ideas, and tracking of goals. A single interface allows you to discuss, share and manage your tasks, making it easier to work and increase productivity.

Benefits of RingCentral UCaaS

Unified Communications: A unified solution that includes voice, online fax, text messaging, web meetings, audio and video conferencing, voicemail and other unified communications (UC) features. It integrates with cloud-based business applications and the back office tasks.

Simplified multi-site management: by having the entire phone system in the cloud, RingCentral allows you to manage the phone system from anywhere using a simple web interface or mobile app.

Lower costs: you don’t have any hardware on site. Your IT team can focus on other tasks than maintaining your collaboration and communication tools.

Scalability: you can add additional features and phone lines with a few clicks.

Increased mobility: all employees can access the same tools, no matter where they are located.

Future-proof technology: You can update your work environment with the latest innovations without having to replace your existing system. The bulk of updates, patches and maintenance is handled by the vendor.

Greater security: Your information is housed in secure data centers. Systems are monitored for security breaches.

Numerous integrations: you can create integrations to your own applications or use our pre-built integrations (Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace Add-on, etc.) to revolutionize your communications.

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