Cell phone registration for compliance
Telemessage allows you to capture and record all of your employees’ cellular device interactions including voice, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat. Telemessage’s solution effectively meets the compliance and regulatory needs of the financial and public safety sectors. Telemessage allows you to capture data simply and securely no matter where your employees are located.

Meet your compliance needs with our two Telemessage solutions:

Android Archiver
This solution runs in the background of the cellular device and captures all employee messages and voice calls, then downloads them for archiving.

Enterprise Number Archiver
The Enterprise Number Archiver application can be found on the employee’s personal (BOYD) or corporate phone. When making business calls or messages, the employee does so via the Telemessage application while using a different profile for personal exchanges. The employee has a single device but two telephone numbers in order to distinguish between personal and business exchanges that must meet various compliance standards.


  • Omnichannel: combines all mobile communication channels: voice, SMS, WhatsApp and WeChat
  • Conformity: allows to comply with regulations in force.
  • Flexible and fast deployment
  • Robust solution with redundancy
  • BYOD – Allows to be compliant even on a personal device
  • Integrates with various solutions (software, Cloud, Email) for searching, listening and archiving
  • Highly secure archiving system
  • Quick access to electronic documents in the event of audits, reviews or litigation
  • Comprehensive reports: creation of archiving reports based on different criteria
  • Mobility: allows employees to work outside your office boundaries
  • Auditing: to analyze communications between employees and the public
  • Data ownership: possibility to store data in the company’s archives


  • SMS archiving in the cloud or on site
  • Encrypted solution
  • Web interface
  • Possibility of 24/7 support
  • Supports Android and IOS phones
  • Fortified infrastructure with structured processes that take into account all possible risks
  • Information sent, stored and processed in a SSAE16 SOC2 certified hosting facility.

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