Agent Evaluation

Precisely measure the productivity of your people

The quality of experience of those who call you, whether as customers or citizens, is directly related to the telephone agent who handles the calls. Ensure that your team is at its best with precise and rigorous quality control.


Personnel quality evaluation is a constant concern of contact center managers Keeping an eye on every agent simultaneously is difficult, read impossible. However, Oxilio offers integrated solutions for effective evaluation of every agent. Discover how to improve your peoples’ performance.

Precise performance measurement – Simply create campaigns, evaluations or project reports. With an overview of your operations, you can quickly get your agents back on track.

Simplify note making – Save time and avoid losing precious information. Make notes about the call you are reviewing on the same screen

Evaluate your agents’ progress – From one evaluation to another, ensure that your agents are progressing well within the team. Rapidly measure their improvement with precise performance analysis.

Facilitate employee assistance – Our solutions make it simple to intervene when an agent needs help from a supervisor.

App available at all times – Our web accessible solutions allow you to accomplish your evaluations where and when you wish.

– Precise performance reading
– Simple file markup
– Helps agents progress
– Targets those who need help
– 24/7 access to application


  • Agent evaluation planning structured to address the unique and specific needs of your organization;
  • Agent evaluation using grids and a personalized questionnaire;
  • Create evaluations based on different criteria and business needs;
  • Access results via graphs and personalized reports;
  • Integration with Speech Analytics modules to evaluate specific aspects of your contact center;
  • Self-evaluation module enables agents to be part of the process;
  • Easy performance comparisons of agents, supervisors, or business units.


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