A solution that decodes the importance of each piece of data

Every second, streams of data flow from your business environment. They carry meaning that can be determined with the help of a good technology solution. For this, an analytic solution allows users to quickly find a recorded call based on a precise inquiry. Discover what it can bring to you.


Oxilio will make a precise and structured analysis of each of the segments of your organization in order to optimize performance. Below, discover each of the facets of our technology tool.

Make analysis easier – Sometimes you may need to find specific information. In a vast sea of data, extracting a particular call is greatly simplified thanks to Oxilio solutions.

Speed up your search for a call – With the advanced features of our solutions, you can quickly access a call that has precious information and analyze its contents.

Categorize your calls more easily – In a public or private contact center, many calls arrive but not all need the same urgency of treatment. This solution categorizes them rapidly and establishes their priority.

Measure your agents’ performance – Your agents should be following well established protocols. Oxilio’s tool lets you discreetly be sure of this.

– Simplify call localization
– Organize call categorization
– Simplify the analysis of your contact center data
– Evaluate your agents’ performance


  • Search by key word or find long silences;
  • Find all of the recorded calls that meet specific criteria (e.g. all of the calls in which a customer mentions the name of a competitor);
  • Improve handling of each call (AHT – Average Handling Time);
  • Ensure that agents comply with your organization’s rules and procedures;
  • Determine precisely why customers communicate with agents;
  • Search for specific calls for evaluation purposes;
  • Get a better understanding of how some agents achieve First Call Resolution (FCR);
  • Fast automatic call categorization;
  • Several dictionaries available including English, Canadian French and others.


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