Call Recording

A solution that captures every audio detail

At Oxilio we believe that call recording is a key to improving customer service. We offer solutions that allow recording, archival, retrieval and playback of voice and radio recordings, whatever the technology. Discover below how our customers from all over use them.


These days, capturing quality audio while respecting the law is not always simple. At Oxilio, our solutions rigorously respect the law and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Ensure full respect for the law – Respect for law is imperative in finance, customer service and public safety. Voice recording ensures respect for each standard, law, regulation and internal policy.

Reduce error risk – In finance or customer service it is essential to keep proof of information exchanged. Recording improves call handling times and minimizes the risk of error or information loss.

Improve data security – Data protection is an incontrovertible priority. With access to information protected by encryption, customers and citizens are sheltered from theft of data exchanged during calls.

Eliminate possibilities for harassment – Employees can unfortunately be harassed in a contact center. A voice recording solution can help to rectify a problem situation and bring peace back to the workplace.

Summary :
– Ensure compliance
– Minimize risk of errors
– Increase information security
– Eliminate telephone harassment


  • Call recording for purposes of training, coaching, evidence, compliance or voice signature;
  • Default or on-demand recording, save, search and replay as well as secure sharing and control of your files and their content;
  • Hybrid server records from different sources, including VOIP and analog, digital and even cellular ports;
  • Full redundancy solution to meet the most exacting requirements of your industry;
  • Secure, intuitive and bilingual Web interface accessible at all times;
  • Supports virtual environments (VMWare) to back your IT strategies;
  • Integration and synchronization with MS Active Directory and various external systems such as your CRM;
  • Compliance with PCI-DSS standards and the great majority of North American and European standards;
  • Data encryption for greater security for you and your customer;
  • Recording from telephony, mobile radio (traditional and P25), turrets, PRI and/or SIP lines, microphone and more.


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