Event Reconstruction

A solution to optimize your incident management

In the field of public safety, the information generated by an incident is precious. Our event reconstruction modules enable the combination of different modes of communications (audio, video, images, texts, files…) in order to share them in a secure and controlled manner or simply to review and analyze them internally. You can use this tool to improve your process. See below what our technologies can do for you.


Oxilio offers you a technology solution that captures all of the data from an incident. It captures, classifies and archives them while giving you full access to each second of an event. With this system, you can see and hear absolutely everything chronologically. At any time.

Support the work of your agents – During emergencies, your contact center personnel must react rapidly. Integrating a data flow management tool can help them provide better help to citizens.

Optimize your public safety processes – Auditing and reviewing an incident can help to pinpoint the flaws in your security process. With Oxilio’s options, you won’t lose a single detail: audio, photo or video.

Evolving towards NG911 standards as well as new technologies – Simplify getting an overall and realistic view of an event through the capacity to import and manage different sources of information.

Improve your post-event reporting – Having the key information in hand helps you better understand what has really happened. With Oxilio, you can improve the quality of your feedback by avoiding the research time you need to extract it. Everything is categorized and accessible and you are ready to act.

– Support for telephone agents
– Improvement of the security process
– Savings on security costs
– Better feedback


  • Multimedia event reconstruction including voice, video, texts and all types of files
  • Save events for internal evaluation or controlled sharing
  • Admissible as evidence in a court of justice
  • Save time and money by simplifying the centralization and sharing of information
  • Control information shared with partners
  • More than 3,000 installations worldwide
  • Supports different technologies including CAD integration, Text-to-911 and all of the new NG-911 standards


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