Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording –  Oxilio offers you interaction recording platforms available for Microsoft Teams. No matter where your users are located and the equipment used (web, desktop computer, mobile applications such as IOS and Android, desktop phone) we can record their exchanges and meet your compliance needs!

Our solutions integrate directly into the Microsoft Teams environment and record, in a secure and compliant manner, all communications, whether it is voice, chat, images or video.  These recordings will be centralized in the cloud and will be available to customers according to 3 business models:

  • 100% cloud solution
  • Solution hosted in a private cloud at the customer’s location
  • Mixed solution, i.e. records in the Oxilio cloud and data at the customer’s site


  • Rapid deployment
  • Does not require additional software or hardware on site
  • Eliminates installation and maintenance costs
  • Ensures your compliance needs
  • Modular subscription model with very flexible conditions
  • Customized reports
  • Meets compliance standards GDPR, MiFIDII, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank etc.


  • Interaction Capture
  • Quality Management
  • Agent Evaluation
  • Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice to Text transcription
  • Key Words and Expressions detection

Oxilio offers different solutions that integrate with Microsoft Teams to help you meet your compliance needs. Contact us now to learn more about this subject by discussing with an expert who will be able to answer your questions, identify your needs and propose a solution that will meet your expectations, requirements and obligations.


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