Mobile Recording

Raise your game with this flexible solution

Information exchanged on mobile systems is becoming increasingly important, especially in the business environment. This is why Oxilio offers technology solutions for recording all voice or text interactions; simply, transparently, and securely. See the advantages of our technology.


In public safety and finance, recording cellular calls is essential. At Oxilio, we offer reliable and secure solutions to law enforcement and financial professionals. See below some of the advantages we regularly offer in these fields.

Keep track of exchanges – With immense communications networks, it is important to know what is happening. That is why we offer a solution that keeps track of each information exchange.

Better customer service – As a transparent solution, cellular phone and SMS text recording enables a precise review of exchanges, whether they are incoming or outgoing. No more information loss.

Improved results – To perform well, your teams need to be able to communicate. A solution that records and archives exchanges will improve communications by ensuring that nothing is lost along the way.

Security of mobile communications – In fields like public safety, communications exchanged on mobile phones may be confidential. So it is necessary for the recording process to be protected and secure.

– Improve interactions
– Optimize performance
– Avoid information loss
– Keep mobile communications secure


  • Record conversations and SMS texts on your smart phones;
  • Compatible with all SIM card technologies (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows);
  • Easy integration with NICE Recording & NICE Trading Recording solutions;
  • Your recordings, texts, and databases are hosted securely and in compliance with the strict standards of the financial sector;
  • Transparent call recording without delay or impact on users;
  • Automatic recording cannot be stopped or modified by the user;
  • Users keep their existing devices – no need to buy new devices in order to record conversations;
  • Allows cellular and text communications to meet your requirements while securing your company and your employees;
  • Simple and quick installation – no application required on mobile devices;
  • Service paired with a first class technical support agreement.


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