Screen Recording

A screen capture and recording solution that will transform your service

These days, customer service or serving the public is done very often by telephone. Therefore, to maintain a high satisfaction level, you need to be in control of the details. Use our screen capture solution to stay on top of your telephone agents’ performance.


If you want to improve your agents’ performance on the telephone, you need tools that can capture their conversations with precision. All the more so if you manage a call center or a public safety service. At Oxilio, we offer solutions that record audio and video of your agents’ every telephone conversation. See what our solutions can do for you.

More effective training – Whether you’re training new employees or giving refresher courses, put your trust in good training tools. In fact, screen capture offers a video record that shows by example how to handle a call well.

Reduced waiting time – Let your agents handle requests more rapidly. Thanks to a solution that offers them good information at their fingertips, they will be able to handle calls more effectively.

Better control over profitability – To ensure good financial performance from your teams, you need to know who is excelling and who needs help. Thanks to our screen capture solution, you can obtain precise and impartial answers.

Better caller satisfaction – To avoid losing customers or having to manage their repeated dissatisfaction, listen and look at the quality of their interactions with your agents in real time. Then you can correct their approach if you see the need.

Fewer data entry errors – By giving yourself a solution that offers you an overview in real-time, you get the benefit of better control of the data entered by your agents: fewer errors during the handling of calls.

– Improve agent training
– Cut waiting times
– Control performance
– Raise satisfaction levels
Reduce the risk of errors


  • Capture several screens simultaneously;
  • Supports MS Windows and Citrix environments;
  • Ongoing recording using several parameters in order to reduce file sizes;
  • Record applications or windows based on their level of activity;
  • Central or local recording to minimize impact on bandwidth for multi-site environments;
  • Screen recording synchronized with call recording.


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