Video Recording

A solution that enables 24/7 complete video surveillance

At Oxilio, ensuring our customers’ security is essential, and this brought us rapidly to video recording solutions. Our solutions allow recording from video sources as well as automatic analysis. Below, see what this can do for you.


Whatever your sector of activities may be, integrating a video recording and analysis solution into your security system requires special expertise. Accessible, economical, and flexible, Oxilio’s options will help you bring your security to a higher level.

Quick understanding of situations – An image is worth a thousand words. And much, much more if it is video. Thanks to Oxilio’s video recording solution, it is always possible to learn what has happened, and when.

Reduced security costs – Integrating a video recording technology ensures constant surveillance without fail. You can maximize your investments.

Quick identification of suspect elements – To improve risk management, a video recording solution quickly picks out and shows you the unusual: suspicious movement, particular objects; things you want to know about right now.

Better crowd management – Thanks to advanced video recording, it is now easy to obtain precise data on the identity and arrival and departure of every individual in your building.

– More efficient operations
– Security cost reductions
– Better risk prevention
– More precise crowd management


  • Recording by standard or HD cameras for purposes of security or public safety;
  • Real-time video analysis module that analyzes images to identify intrusions, to help in crowd management or simply identify individuals;
  • Modular offering allows technological evolution that respects your budget;
  • Real-time monitoring of all of your video sources;
  • Centralized encrypted recording protects the content of your video recordings;
  • Based on both equipment and software environment industry standards.
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