Workforce Management

A solution that helps you to fit the tasks to the people

In a private or public contact center, it is important to be able to tap into the highest potential of each of your agents. The quality of service is directly related to a good use of your resources. Read more to learn how Oxilio can help you to correct or improve your situation.


Oxilio offers you the possibility of reorganizing, planning, and optimizing each of your agents’ tasks. No matter what your volume, you can get better management of your workforce.

Efficient planning of agent schedules – For vacations, sick leave, and absences: you can rely on Oxilio’s solution for precise management of each of these situations.

Ensure the efficiency of your operations – When you are setting schedules, many errors can slip into the process. Oxilio offers you a technology that ensures you will assign the right shifts to have each of your agents at top form.

Predict your workforce needs – To avoid unpleasant surprises, Oxilio’s solution helps you cover your volume periods with the right number of people with the right skills.

Know how your people perform – With Oxilio’s solution, you know which of your agents is performing to the peak of capacity and who needs help.

Quick and simple schedule changes – Stuff happens. Our solution helps you rapidly ask for more agents to help when call volumes rise abnormally.

– Support for telephone agents
– Improvement of security processes
– Savings on security costs
– Better feedback


  • Manage employees by expertise, contracts or various rules specific to your organization;
  • Plan for personnel requirements by different criteria including activity level, season, etc;
  • Organize each employee’s work schedule while respecting different criteria such as type of activity, expertise and volume;
  • Simplify and document communications between agents, supervisors, and the HR department;
  • Real-time management of human resources according to volume of activity and number of available resources;
  • A range of reports available to meet the needs and requirements of all;
  • API available to enable integration and automatic access to data that make the tool more precise and efficient.


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