A solution that integrates games between your customer service agents

At Oxilio, we believe that games can help not only in training, but also in performance. With good gamification solutions your agents will not only be helped to achieve their objectives, they will take pleasure in helping the person at the other end of the line. Read below to discover what is happening at contact centers to make them places that are enjoyable to call.


Have you ever noticed that employees who have fun at work tend to excel and to collaborate with each other? At Oxilio, we’ve converted many contact center managers to this philosophy. Below, see the benefits that convinced them.

Accelerate training – Training new employees can be laborious. But if they have fun learning, their performance will soar. Give them this opportunity with gamification solutions. Fun, simple and stimulating, this approach allows them to achieve faster progress.

Stimulate engagement – For an employer, there is nothing like having employees feel like they are part of the team. This is even truer in a contact centre. Whether recognition comes from the system, from colleagues or supervisors, the employee receives it instantly, and rapidly develops a team spirit and appreciation of his or her role.

Improve results – Integrating healthy competition into your teams stimulates your agents to excel. This desire to excel and win points translates directly into better performance with customers. This is what gamification solutions can achieve.

Allow interaction – Gamification allows the creation of team spirit. This involves communications between the players. This is precisely what a technological solution developed for this can accomplish. Better interactions and optimal communications.

– Motivate agents to learn faster
– Create a positive team spirit
– Develop a sense of recognition
– Improve your agents’ performance


  • Gamification is an organizational strategy that applies gaming techniques to non-game contexts in order to modify or improve the behaviour of participants;
  • Engage employees through games, challenges, and achievement of goals;
  • Recognize employees participating in various trainings and working on their personal and professional development;
  • Structure training and education for compliance purposes;
  • Involve employees in meeting challenges and competing with colleagues;
  • An avatar is created for each participant and their results, improvements and gains are posted online;
  • Gamification tied to simple rewards or recognition improves results and engagement;
  • Gamification can be used to improve sales, quality of service, knowledge, or adherence to various requirements, such as schedules.


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